Healthy Forests = Healthy Communities

Trees and forests are critical in providing clean air and water, healthy soil, abundant wildlife habitat and valuable resources we use every day.
Rules, entry forms and other resources for the 2021 Essay Contest will be available for download later this year.


The grocery stores would be rather empty without the hard work of bees, birds, butterflies, bats and other pollinators. More than 80 percent of the world’s plants need pollinators to survive, including many that provide the food we eat. But today, many pollinators are in trouble and in decline. When pollinators shrink in number, many plants either produce less seed or no seed at all. This is a critical issue we invite you to unpack in this year's essay contest.

Essays are due March 12th, 2020, and are open to all 5th - 8th grade students in Greenville County.

Three winners will be selected in each grade. Each winner will receive a $50 check and will be invited to our annual gala to accept their award. Teachers will also be invited and will receive a special thank you gift!

For essay guidelines, please visit: 2020 Essay Contest-Where Would We Bee Without Pollinators


Download this handy Powerpoint guide to pollinators from our Dropbox link!