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Greenville County,SC

Greenville County's Litter Ends Here crew is doing great work! Let's help them by making sure trash is disposed of properly! 🚫🍟🥤

It’s amazing what 🌱The Litter Ends Here🌱 crew finds on the roadways🚗 some days!! A report of litter, lead to the discovery of what we believe is a dock float, which goes under a boat dock ... See more

1 day ago

Now that the celebration is over, don't forget to walk around your yard or street to pick up any spent fireworks! It was a good time on the holiday, now let's make sure that the paper, metals, and ... See more

4 days ago
Greenville County,SC

Let's end litter together! Litter Ends Here crews picked up 23,480 pounds off our roads in June. WOW! Volunteers stepped up too and eliminated 2,400 pounds of litter this month. Join us in our fight ... See more

6 days ago
Rain Chain

Would you like to slow down water from your roof and don't have downspouts? Consider installing a rain chain. 🌧⛓ 💦

What is a Rain Chain? A rain chain is an alternative to the traditional downspout. Rain chains originated in Japan, where they have been used for...

1 week ago
When Is a Bird a ‘Birb’? An Extremely Important Guide

Public service announcement for the nature lovers among us from National Audubon Society. 🐦🦆

Remember that "birbs" benefit from proper use of pesticides just like their bird friends! Overuse ... See more

The internet meme has been around for seven years now, so it's high time we establish some ground rules.

1 week ago
Photos from Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation District's post

Meet our new Community Relations Coordinator, Chaneen Haler!

"I am excited to add my skills to this team and continue to bring high quality education and programming to Greenville County. Soil and ... See more

1 week ago
Friends of Lake Robinson

Great work Friends of Lake Robinson! Every effort contributes to water quality improvement.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we didn't have a litter problem in Greenville? Who would like to make that a ... See more

Volunteers picked up 18 bags along O’Neal Church Road, Mays Bridge Road and Groce Meadow Road today! 💚🌎♻️ #GrabABagSC

Keep Greenville County Beautiful
Pamela Evette
South ... See more

1 week ago
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 (Southeast Region)

Jeff Wilson, current South Carolina Association of Conservation Districts President, hosted Mary S. Walker and SC Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers at his farm for a tour and discussion. ... See more

Today, RA Walker and Commissioner Weathers, South Carolina Department of Agriculture, signed a historic agreement that symbolizes our commitment to continued collaborative partnerships between our ... See more

1 week ago

Riparian buffers stop erosion and contribute to water quality. What is a buffer, you ask?⁠ ⁠

A buffer zone is a wide strip of native grasses, plants, and trees along a river that protects water ... See more

2 weeks ago
Greenville County fights the never-ending battle against litter - GREENVILLE JOURNAL

The Greenville County,SC litter crew has been hard at work picking up mattresses. Would you like to help end litter in Greenville? Download the Litter Ends Here app and report litter or volunteer to ... See more

Summer Gagnon never thought mattresses would become such a large part of her life. But ever since Gagnon took over a few months ago as the county’s litter prevention coordinator, she’s dealt with ... See more

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