2020 Conservation Awards

The Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District is pleased to announce our 2020 conservation award winners. These winners have gone above and beyond in their service to conservation in Greenville County.

Farmer of the Year - Eugene Roe

Mr. Eugene Roe owns and operates a 50 cow beef farm in the northern part of the county. He uses environmentally friendly practices such as cross fencing, watering tanks, and heavy use areas that allow him to improve grazing efficiency through rotational grazing which also improves soil health.

In his own words, Mr. Roe says: “I grew up on a cattle farm.  I’ve always been around cows.  I feel extremely lucky to have been raised on a farm because it teaches you so much about life.  You learn at an early age about the circle of life watching livestock.  Farming teaches you about responsibilities, such as making sure the animals are fed before yourself.  Planting crops and watching them grow gives you a sense of pride.  It is amazing feeling to know you are contributing to feeding the world.  I love the farm.  It is the perfect place to raise children. It gives you a good feeling knowing you are helping take care of the land and that you are able to pass it and all of life’s lessons to your children and grandchildren.  I’m proud to say there is dirt under my fingernails.  I love being a farmer.”

Urban Conservationist of the Year - Maranatha Farms

Maranatha Farms is a church-supported, nonprofit community garden whose goal is to educate and provide organically grown vegetables to the surrounding Greenville community. A mission of making affordable healthy food accessible to their community is furthered by a community garden, an affordable CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription service, and lectures and tastings to teach about cooking delicious meals.

Maranatha Farms is supported by the Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church and the project is spearheaded by Farm Manager Curtis Miller.

Educator of the Year - Greenville Library System

The Greenville County Library System has always been a place for our community to come together and learn. Since 2019, the Library has partnered with Greenville Soil and Water to distribute over 30,000 packets of veggie, herb, and flower seeds through the Seed Library program.

On top of increasing local food production, the Library has helped provide education on backyard conservation practices, including preserving biodiversity and sustainably growing food. Their leadership in our community and willingness to partner with environmental organizations like ours has helped protect the natural resources that make Greenville County such a wonderful place to live.

Congratulations to our 2020 conservation award winners!

Farmer of the Year

Farmer of the Year Winners

Formerly known as Cooperator of the Year

1968               Hoke Smith
1970               Charles Jones
1972               Ralph W. Blakely
1973               Hoke Smith
1974               Lem Dillard
1975               Ben Dillard
1976               J.P. Kellett
1977               L.L. Hyder
1978               Billy Ledford
1979               John F. Lynn, Jr.
1980               Frank Ferguson
1981               Keith Merck
1982               Phillip G. Smith
1983               J. A. Goodwin
1984               Richard T. Donald
1985               Grady M. Jones
1986               Thomas D. Cooper
1987               Dr. W.N. Gressett
1988               Clyde & Carl Chapman
1989               Maurice B. Henson
1990               Artie McCall
1991               Frank Ferguson
1992               Robert Estelle – BJU Dairy Farm
1993               L.L. Hyde Farms
1994               Tommy & Charles Fisher – Fisher Brothers Farms
1995               Joe Burdette
1996               Charles Max Laye
1997               Dr. George Smith
1998               Shirley Brown & Doris Blackmon - Famoda Farms
1999               J.D. Dill
2000               Dr. William Gressette
2001               Tom Trantham – Twelve Aprils Dairy
2002               Mark Turner
2003               John Kuykendall
2004               Stephanie Clark – Riverdale Farms
2005               Jerry Munns – Big Sky Farm
2006               Charles Cox
2007               Bob & Claire Bradbery
2008               Bobby Rice – American Breeding Services Global
2009               Tim Ayers
2010               James Brannan
2011               Donnie King
2012               Davis Dairy
2013               Arthur M. (“Mickey”) Fisher – Granjammer’s Farm
2014               Tankersley Brothers
2015               Wilson Farms
2016               Sam Howard
2017               Debbie Roe
2018               Bryan and Margaret Harrison
2019               Jim Blackwell
2020               Eugene Roe

Urban Conservationist of the Year
Educator of the Year